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    How to Choose?

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    How to Choose?

    How to choose suppliers of particle size instruments for electrostatic spraying powder coating industry?


    Customers care about cost performance very much for the selection of particle size analyzers, suggestions of indexes below can be considered:
    1. Repeatability, the repetitive error level of results for testing same sample for many times, the smaller the error is, the better the repeatability will be.
    2. Facticity, test results verified by other test methods or compared with same type of instruments, the difference should be in reasonable range.
    3. Easy operability, whether the instrument is easy to operate or maintain, this will determine the use cost and efficiency of instrument.
    4. Measuring range, the wider the measuring range is, the broader the range of application will be, but the wide measuring range will result in expensive price, it’s reasonable to choose instruments with appropriate range as required, usually it’s enough for the range between 0.2μm-500μm.
    5. Industry influence, suppliers all hope its test results can be widely accepted by the profession and customers, so what need to be considered is whether this supplier has owned rich test experience and large numbers of customers.
    6. After-sales service, timely and effective services are important safeguards for instruments’ normal use.

    According to above indexes, we summarize some basic principle for choosing particle size instruments suppliers: commonly used by same industry, high market share; developed and convenient place of supplier to provide after-sales service; supplier has a deep understand of coating industry, attach importance to industry technology, technical specifications of instruments can meet requirements.

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