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    Why Laser?

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    Why Laser?

    What are the reasons that powder coating labs generally choose laser particle size analyzer?


    1. Laser particle size analyzer has become one of the most popular testing instruments at present. It has many advantages as below:
    Large dynamic range means the larger specific value of maximum and minimum particle sizes measured by instrument. The larger the dynamic range is, the more convenient for use, as well as the stronger the ability of testing samples with broad range is.
    Fast measurement speed, test duration for one sample needs about 2-3 minutes.
    Good repeatability, larger amount of sampling compared with other instruments, more than 100 times photoelectric sampling for the same sampling, high repeated accuracy measured, typical accuracy of average particle size can reach within 3%.
    Convenient operation, low requirement for environment, compared to those existing particle instruments, it has some advantages, not affected by environment and temperature, no high demands for operators.
    2. Powder coating’s size distribution range and particle characteristics belong to the advantage area of laser particle size analyzer. Wide adaptability can measure productive raw materials (for example titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate) for manufacturers.
    3. As the popularization of laser particle size analyzer and the progress of domestic instruments, it will only take about one hundred thousand can purchase cost effective products.
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