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    Test Performance

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    Test Performance

    The particle size distribution of coating effects on the performance of electrostatic spraying powder coatings.


    1. appearance, levelling property
    Generally speaking, the smaller the powder particle size is, the better the levelling property when coating curing will be, the appearance of the coating film will be also more smooth and flatter, but the electrification of power is proportional to the square of the particle size, too fine power will reduce the electrification, which results to the lower efficiency, ultrafine powder (grain size < 10μm) is basically uncharged.

    2. powder ratio
    Coating ratio has important relationship with powder coating itself. To improve the electrification of coating grain size, the ratio will increase accordingly. The electrification is directly proportional to the square of the particle size. Increasing the particle diameter, the particle electrification and powder ratio will increase. But the particle size also cannot be too big, otherwise the powder ratio will reduce due to the gravity exceeding aerodynamic and electrostatic force.

    3. recovery ratio
    Powder coating will produce the recovery of powder in the process of production and use. Generally, ultrafine powder with the particle size(< 10μm) will have low recovery rate, with the powder particle size (> 10μm), the recovery of powder coating will rise rapidly and will increase as the increase of particle size.
    Based on the above reasons, it can be said that particle size distribution of powder coating largely affected the use performance and efficiency of powder coating. Therefore, it needs to have detection equipment to monitor the quality of products and to assist with research and development of new technology and new products. Figure 1 is the measuring result of a sort of coating for your reference.

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