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    Demand to control

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    Demand to control

    Non-metallic minerals is an industry divided to differ from powder metallurgy for particle size measurement, common non-metal minerals mainly include calcium carbonate, barite (barium sulfate), silicon powder, etc. China's non-metallic mineral powder industry has formed a considerable scale, heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, kaolin, asbestos, talc, mica, asbestos, ceramic raw material (clay), magnesite, quartz, silica sand and other non-metallic mineral powders are increasing year by year.


    The development trend of non-metallic mineral powder industry is market-oriented, to improve the technology content and applicability of non-metallic mineral powder products, to save resources and energy. Particle size, particle size distribution and particle shape of mineral raw materials have e great influence on performance or function of non-metallic mineral materials, many non-metallic mineral powder’s functions, such as the enhancement in the polymer matrix composites, strength and toughness of ceramic materials, as the paper and coating pigment’s covering rate, tinting strength, and powder’s electrical, magnetic, optical property, absorption and shielding, catalysis, adsorption, rheology, antibacterium, decoloration, bonding are related to its particle size, particle size distribution and particle shape, particle size detection and control is one important link to promote the technology content of non-metallic mineral powder product, correct selection of particle size test method and instrument are the key.
    The samples of this industry are characterized by uneven distribution of particle size and wide range, which leads to a higher demand on size detection and control technology, this industry is the largest customer base of OMEC, we have been combining the industrial customers with samples’ research and instruments’ application for many years, pay more attention to provide complete testing technology services according to the actual situation. Based products Europe and OMEC’s basic product LS - POP (6) has a lower price, can adapt to the poor working environment and meet the actual needs of customers; not only that, OMEC has also developed the special instrument for calcium carbonate industry at the end of 2009. Laser particle size analyzer, with its excellent performance, has become the first choice for non-metallic mineral enterprises taking particle size measurement.
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