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    Watt Hour Meter Calibration and Test

    Release date:2016-02-02 14:39:07  hits:533

    Watt Hour Meter Calibration and Test


    Key words: Watt Hour Meter Automatic Detection, Electric Energy Meter robot automatic detection

    Descriptions: with the implementation of intelligent electric meters standardization by State Grid Corporation of China, the intelligent electric meters detection has come into an era of automation. We are playing the leading role in the field of intelligent electric meter automatic detection. They have developed parameter pre-set, accuracy calibration, normal temperature counter, performance detection, and CCD detection. This developed automatic detection system is very competitive.

    In addition, SIASUN electric meter energy robot automatic detection system can make moveable cart to drive the robot. This realizes electric energy meter full-carton material to do automatic splitting, automatic loading and unloading, and automatic carton-filling and stacking. Controlling system is digitization. Robot working range is wide, with no manual work. It can arrange its own working process automatically. Location system is of vision. It is accurate with low error. Pocket watch robot can make electric energy meter to do transporting, grasping and putting with no manual work. This technology of robot is of world-class. This robot technology can fit the demand in electric energy meter detection market as well as in other fields.

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