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    Topsizer | 0.02-2000microns

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    • SCF-108
    • DPF-110
    • SCF-105B
    • SCF-126
    • Structure principle
    • Light scattering

    Applications: Used to measure and analysis the particle size distribution of powders or suspension liquid.
    1.Measure range: 0.02~2000μm Wet Dispersion; 0.1-2000μm Dry Dispersion
    2.Theory: Mie theory
    3.Repeatability: ≤±0.5%(standard particle D50)
    Accuracy error:  ≤±1 %( standard particle D50)
    4.Measuring speed: within 10 seconds for routine measurement
    5.Sample feeding: wet dispersion, circulating feeder
    6. Sample feeding system: Adopt high-power precise centrifugal pump, the stirring speed can reach 4000RPM, stepless Control
    7.Light path system: dual light resources design, imported He-Ne laser with 0.6328μm wave length; and solid blue laser with 0.466μm wavelength.
    8. Detector: Detecting channels 98, the biggest detective angle is 140°, the smallest detective angle is 0.016°.
    9. Dimension:
    Mainframe: 1115mm×254mm×355mm
    Circulation sample feeder (standard equipped SCF-108): 265mm×325mm×405mm


    Standard Package:
    Option A: Mainframe + SCF-105(B) + DPF-110 + Software -->Wet & Dry dispersions
    Option B: Mainframe + SCF-105(B)/SCF-108 +Software -->Wet dispersions only
    Option C: Mainframe + DPF-110 + Software -->Dry dispersions
    SCF-126 is optional for small volume samples for wet dispersion.

    1.Exclusive adoption of dual light resources design, red light is imported He-Ne laser with 0.6328μm wavelength; and solid blue laser with 0.466μm wavelength, it improves the resolution ratio of the nanometer particle and big particle;
    2.Shorter preheating time, stable power , and fluctuation of powder is less than 0.5%, to make the background of instrument stable, improved the resolving power of system to effective signal;
    3.Adopts the folding light path design with compact and artistic structure, and it is made of high accuracy aluminum alloy light stage to insure the light path’s steadiness;
    4.Single lens design, adopts the structure of lens back Fourier change, and breaks the restrict the pupil of the Fourier lens, to insure the maximum acceptance angle won’t be restricted by the Fourier lens caliber;
    5.Adopts Fourier lens of long focal length, effective focal length reaches 550 mm, greatly enhance the measurement capability for large particles, make the test limit of 2000 microns.
    6.Detector numbers up to 98, the forward, lateral and large Angle and backward photoelectric detector compose three-dimensional detection system, maximum detection Angle of 140°, minimum detectable Angle of 0.016°, the combination with blue light scattering signal, realized the full  Angle space range of seamless scattering light signal reception;
    7.Intelligent software control the automatic centering system, ensures the precise optical centering;
    8.Advanced circulation loop design, the use of high-power precision centrifugal pump, mixing speed can reach 4000 RPM, stepless control, highly efficient cleaning and draining capacity; ultrasonic probe built-in, the maximum power of 100w, stepless control of ultrasonic intensity.

    Software function:
    1.Software design modularization, invisible instrument state, humanized operation interface.
    2.SOP standardization operating procedure
    3.Different date analysis mode, fulfill the measurement need of different samples
    4.Clear navigation function and flow interface
    5.Contain the artificially intelligent, and instrument self-check function, and distinguish sample feeder automatically.
    6.Measure the background automatically before testing; eliminate the influence of electrical noise to results effectively.
    7.Lots of ways to derive the data, is convenient to transfer the data.
    8.Comprehensive and open characteristic parameter data base of sample, and contain common sample refractive index and absorptivity index
    9.Mutual transformation among volume distribution, superficial area distribution, length distribution and quantitative distribution

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