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    LS-POP(6) 0.2-500microns

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    LS-POP(6) 0.2-500microns

    • 1.- Model: LS-POP(6)
    • 2.- Measuring Range: 0.2~500μm
    • 3.- Sample Feeding:
    • Wet dispersed
    • Circulating sample feeder & Static sample cell
    • 4.- Repeatability: <3%
    • 5.- Scan frequency: 1000 times/second
    • 6.- Pump: 10m, max speed: 2800rpm, 10L/min.
    • 7.- Measurement Duration: 1-2 minutes
    • 8.- Number of Detectors: 43
    • 9.- Light Source: He-Ne laser,2.0 mW,0.6328 μm
    • 10.- Environmental Requirement:
    • Temperature: 5-35℃    Humidity:<85%


    LS-POP (6) is a basic model, the measurement range has reached China advanced level, it is a cost effective laser particle size analyzer.
    Application: Measure the particle distribution of the powder and liquid suspension.
    Principle: Using the phenomenon of light scattering of particle, according to the distribution of scattering light energy, to calculate the size distribution of particles measured. OMEC’s instruments own the advantages of wide measurement range, good repeatability, simple operation and etc. through OMEC’s system integration and optimization for optics, mechanics, electronics and computer. Report Items: Particle size distribution table, particle size distribution curve, average particle size, median diameter, specific surface area, etc.
    1.Adopt unique scattered light detection around a sphere surface (patent no.:95223756.3), after lens (also known as “reversal” or “converging light”) Fourier transform structure, place large angle detectors on proper spherical surface, to realize the accurate focusing of large angle scattered light.
    2.Use integrative laser emitter (patent no.: 00228952.0), effectively reduce the thermal deformation of laser tube, the influence of outside mechanical vibration on the stability of the instrument.
    3.Wet sample feeding system adopts booster pump, top speed can reach 2800 rpm, can effectively realize the circulation of large particles.
    4.Inlet and outlet water solenoid valve adopts Germany Baode imported products, precision control action, durable.
    5.Measurement window material uses high quality optical materials, window components adopt full stainless steel material, wear-resisting, easy to clean, and maintenance is convenient.
    6.Light path system uses fully-enclosed design, preventing dust pollution and outside light pollution.
    The Application of Patents and Proprietary Technology

    Scattered light detection around a sphere surface (DAS) The large angle detectors are placed in a spherical surface to get accurate focusing of large angle scattered light.
    Integrated laser emitter The beam expander and the pinhole filter are integrated in several concentric tubes, and then jointed into one tube with both ends enclosed. It is shock proof, easy to maintain and with stable laser output.
    Software Function:
    1. Borland Visual C++ development environment, concise and user friendly operating interface.
    2. Easy switch among different types of reports.
    3. Auto clear of Electric noise.
    4. Sample parameters editing, selecting and saving function.
    5. Chinese and English report.
    6. Customer size grading function.
    7. Multiple ways of selecting “measurement parameters”.
    8. Multiple document formats.
    9. Operating log and measuring log function.
    10. Data input function.
    11. Statistics of multiple documents.
    12. Two distribution models :Rosin-Ramler, multi-wave crest;
    13. Two report models: General report, statistics;
    14. Two accumulative directions: small to large, large to small;
    15. Reports can be exported as Excel format or other text format files;
    16. Report items can be set/selected according to customers’ requirements.

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