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    RC3000 | 1.0-256microns

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    Applications: It is suitable for the measurement of powders with uniform size distribution (narrow size distribution) and small volume of particles in liquid suspension.
    1. Measuring Range:1-256μm
    2. Repeatability:<2%
    3. Measurement Duration:15 seconds
    4. Channels:8192


    1. It has a more compact design of integrating the main part with the computer and oscillograph by adopting the latest ARM technology.
    2. Advance pulse measurement technology, more than 8000 channels.
    3. Replace the traditional mercury manometer with a pressure sensor, provides more accurate measurement and control of degree of vacuum, and higher automation.
    4. Proprietary photoelectric liquid level detection technology makes the volume measurement more accurate and reliable.
    5. Auto de-clogging function.
    6. Advanced auto level balance technology.

    Software Function:
    1. Four statistical modes:  based on volume, particle , area and particle number.
    2. Two accumulative directions: small to large, large to small.
    3. Two languages: English, Chinese.
    4. Report items can be set/selected according to customers’ requirements.
    5. Data can be replicated.

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